Murray River Journey

Over four days the team will travel from Yarrawonga to Swan Hill averaging 150km per day.

Over the 12 – 14 hours of paddling per day, this journey will take the team through some of Victoria and New South Wales most beautiful countryside and towns.

We encourage you take in some of this beautiful part of the world and look forward to seeing people coming out to support us. We will keep everyone up to date with our progress along the journey.

This journey will test the resolve of all 22 paddling crew members with the amazing cause being supported a constant source of motivation.     

The team is however far larger than just the paddlers, over the four days and nights as well as months of preparation the support team made up of friend’s family and loved ones will be critical in this attempt having any potential for success.  

Finally, this event is not possible without the amazing medical professionals at the Royal Children’s Hospital, donors and sponsors. We thank you form the bottom of our hearts for all that you have done or us and our families as well as those that will continue to benefit from your remarkable abilities and dedication to helping those in need.